• Game type: Platformer, hardcore
  • Version: BETA
  • Release date: 28th of June of 2018
  • Supported OS: Windows, Linux and Android
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Features: Single player. Steam, Google Play and Gamejolt Achievements. Full controller support. Steam cloud. Steam and Google Play leaderboards.
  • Can be downloaded at: Steam, Gamejolt and Google Play Store

Play as R3B, an advance and agile robot created by Dr. Zhang.In a future not far away from ours, there is a famous TV program called “Robot Annihilator Mayhem” where the robots must overcome a series of tests of increasing difficulty. The robots are exposed to great dangers like: chainsaws, guided missiles, flamethrowers, water, spikes, abyss, turrets, other enemy robots…The robot able to complete all the 80 tests will be granted the module of free will, an advance module created by the GurilaTech corporation, allowing the robot to take his own decisions and rewrite his source code. No robot has yet completed all the test successfully.

Dr. Zhang’s goal is to create a robot that can take his own decisions and the only way he can manage that is by acquiring the module of free will.

Help R3B complete this great challenge.