Hello and welcome to Gurila Ware Games oficial website.


We are a group of colleagues that met each other at the university and we all share one passion in common, we all enjoy creating and playing video games and unleashing our creativity.

We started to create our games as Gurila Ware Games back in June 2018. Currently we have been working with various popular game engines and up until today we have published two games on the Steam platform which are «I was rebuilt» and «Sweet Magic Madness» and we have been developing multiple engines and prototypes for our upcoming releases. Additionally, we have released two games to the Google Play Store which are «I was rebuilt» and «Drungk». «I was rebuilt» also has a version on GameJolt.

If you want to find out about our games, visit OUR GAMES section on our website and also, if you want to stay tunned for updates and new upcoming releases, don’t forget to follow us in our social medias.


We hope you enjoy your stay on our website and for any type of enquiry, don’t hesitate to send us a message at the CONTACT US section.


The Gurila Ware Games team

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